The Maenpo from Cianjur-Cikalong, Sabandar, Kari, Cikaret


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For the first time, some masters from the city of Cianjur will show you the well-known Maenpo from West Java. Cikalong, Sabandar, Kari, Cikaret these old forms of Pencak Silat was very secret and it was impossible to have some images! Saudara Kaum is proud to offer you the possibility to discover and learn the jurus of these famous styles and see some application with old masters, who will show you the use of inner power. In this DVD you will discover, for the first time, traditional Pencak Silat perform by the best masters from the city of Cianjur.

Content:   6 Jurus Cikalong + Applications / 5 Jurus Sabandar Cikaret + Applications / 9 Jurus Kari Cikaret + Applications / 5 Jurus Cikalong Pancer Bumi + Applications / 26 Jurus Sabandar Bojong Herang + Applications / Ibing

Bonus: Demonstration from: Kang Cecep / Kang Gending Raspuzi / Sesepuh Kari Cikaret

Time: 85 mn

Language: Surrounding sound

Weight: 150gr



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